What you Get

General Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move-In/Out
All Areas:
Wipe down surfaces
Remove cobwebs
Clean mirrors
Clean baseboards, doorframes, and doors
Wipe down ceiling fans
Clean switch plates and power outlets
Wipe down light fixtures
Remove dirt from window/sliding door tracks
Clean window sills
Dust all appliances, electronics and decorative accents
Make Beds
Vacuum Vents
Make Beds
Empty trash cans
Dust blinds with ostrich duster
Vacuum and mop hard surface floors
Vacuum carpet and rugs
Clean walls
Wipe down exterior cabinets
Clean cabinets and drawers inside and out (if empty)
Clean exterior appliances
Clean oven inside
Clean microwave inside
Clean refridgerator inside
Clean sinks, countertops and faucet
Clean shower, tub and faucet
Remove soap scum from the shower doors
Clean sinks, countertops and faucets
Clean the toilet (inside and out)
Wipe down cabinets and drawers from outside
Clean cabinets and drawers inside and out (if empty)
Additional Services:
Window Inside $5ea $5ea $5ea
Sliding door set (inside and out): $15ea $15ea $15ea
Horizontal blinds (non-flexible/shutters): $2,5 ft $2,5 ft $2,5 ft
Garage/patio/balcony sweeping: $10 $10 $10
2nd refrigerator/oven: $30 $30 $30

Dear customer, it is Absolutely critical that we have hot water and electricity on the date of service.