Post Construction Cleaning

The Final Step

After the build or the renovation has been finished it is time for the final step: clean up. Before the facility can be used as intended, the area needs to be cleaned. The truth is, construction makes a mess. For post-construction clean up, Yellow Glove Cleaning has developed a multistep process to ensure all loose ends are tied up, damages are addressed, the space is safe and ready to be put to use and that the project is complete.

Cleaning Big to Small, Top to Bottom

Post-construction cleaning is different from other cleaning jobs. When Yellow Glove Cleaning arrives we clean big to small, top to bottom. To get started, big items are addressed first – debris, trash, and left over materials are removed. Then smaller debris is dealt with. Once the trash, dirt and much of the dust is gone, our cleaners prepare the space for a thorough clean by removing things like stickers, extra caulking and adhesives.

Once everything is cleared the cleaning can begin. In addition to the cleaning steps that Yellow Glove performs every time cleaning service is provided, there are additional steps that need to be taken for post-construction cleaning. Removing scuff marks from the floors, walls and even the ceiling; cleaning the air ducts so dust doesn’t keep coming back for weeks and weeks; cleaning all glass areas, windows, walls, doors and baseboards.

Once the big and small stuff has been addressed it’s time to work from top to bottom. The post construction clean up team performs a final clean to ensure everything is sparkling. A huge checklist is reviewed to ensure every detail is safe, clean and ready for use.

To finish the job, Yellow Glove cleaning returns a day or two later when the dust has settled to remove that dust. The whole process can take multiple days, but the end result is a sparkling space that end users can enjoy.

Our Cleaners

Post construction cleaning requires special tools and products and attention to details. At Yellow Glove Cleaning our cleaners have high quality standards that are never compromised. They are provided with the best equipment and products so they always have the right tools for the job. Our work is efficient and professional – that’s why companies across San Diego trust us for thorough and professional cleaning services.